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What is Hotel TV?

Hotel TV is an IP based plug and play solution for hotels. This allows ay local hotels without cloud network to add international TV channels in their existing TV. Our focus is to make every international TV channels on every hotel where foreigners stay more, so that it may contribute little to feel them proud seeing their homeland TV in the Hotel Room they stay. This will definitely bring BIG SMILE in everyone face, so we believe this would be the best way to heartily welcome foreigners and make them comfortable during their foreign stay.

Requirements for working…

It's a plug-n-play easy system that will use hotel's already existing cable switch to connect our offered channels lineup. Installation shall be done in 1 to 2 hour so Hotel does not need to undergo any kind of hassle. Basically a thing that needs to arrange includes:

  1. Reliable Internet Connectivity ( 2 mbps download speed per channel )
  2. IP Gateway ( IP Set-top-box for each Channel ) .
  3. Connectivity from IP Gateway to Hotel Existing Cable Switch ( depends on Switch: AV or HDMI or SDI or IP )
How it works ?
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IP gateway ( Set top box )

Horizontal Image

Plug & Play IP based Hotel TV solutions.

Hotel TV working mechanism is simple to understand as displayed in the picture shown. The streamings are down linked from the source feed. These down linked sources are encoded/decoded using our transcoding device into multiple video formats which would range from SD to 4K. Thus, these converted videos are then pushed in to our Cloud Network from where sources are easily distributed to the desired destination. Hence, viewers can easily watch their live television channels from anywhere with the internet connected devices.


Hotel TV, a main attraction in one of the major hospitalities is mainly dedicated to our foreigners around anywhere. Valuing our customer’s need and adding it into our services helps in making our services even better with satisfaction. So our service includes the TV channel contents from the countries such as-

Why are we actively participating in Hotel TV?

Your TV channel will be broadcasted into the Hotels of beautiful country Japan. We are capable of delivering your national TV channels amongst the citizen from your nations who come as tourist, so that they can easily watch their nation’s channels while they are in Japan. Providing the TV channel to Japan’s market, TV channel gets promoted with increasing number of new viewers which will eventually increase the TRP of your channel and help your TV channel be even more popular.

Why Japan?

Olympics 2020A.D. are going to be held in Japan, so let’s prepare for the great hospitality together for the foreigners visiting Japan in future. And who does not like to have a warm welcome!

New IT Venture Corp has chosen especially this country (Japan) because Japan being one of the countries which is very rich in its traditional cultures, technology innovations and the plenty of extraordinary things; still Japan’s market is the virgin market for most of the foreigners from different countries. The destinations are still remained as unpopular amongst the tourists though Japan includes 16 World heritage sites. Japanese people have very low level of English due to which it becomes hard for tourists to stay updated to the international situation because of its lost language translation. Besides these there is an increasing rate for the tourists due to the Olympics 2020A.D. As Olympics 2020 A.D. are going to be held in Japan itself. So, during the Olympics there will be an increased percentage of tourists from different nations for watching the Olympics games in Japan.

The increasing foreign tourists in Japan 2003-2016 bar graph results shown above:


Basic Hotel TV Pack

Modulator & Cable HeadendUse Hotel Existing Cable Headend to Add New Channels from IP to RF & Re-tune
Onetime Equipment Cost (Cost is breakdown for each 4 Channels Set),¥ 200,000
a. Modulator (4 IP IN & 2 ISDB-t OUT)
b. Transmux MicroServer
c. Giga Switch (Upto 8 Port)
Basic Monthly Recurring Fee, ¥ 45,000
a. Platform Support, Maintenance & Channels Operation
b. Channels more then 4 shall be additional fee of Yen 15,000 Per Channel
Content Fee Shall Apply Seperately, Fee varies based on Selected Channels Lineup.
(Please Contact us for the details content pricing)
Items that Hotels to arrange:
a. Flets/NTT or Any FTTH with 1 Static IP (needs 3 mbps dedicated bandwdith per channel)
b. Proper Colocation for All Required Hardware
c. Management of Local Cable Headend, Channels Mapping & Re-tune Channels in each TV Set
HOTEL IPTV SolutionCustomize End-to-end Hotel IPTV App and Install App in each Smart TV equipped in each Rooms
Onetime Platform Cost (Cost varies based on features needed in App) Basic Package Starts from, ¥ 2,500,000
a. Middleware Software
b. Smart TV App
c. Local Edge Server at Hotel Premises
Basic Monthly Recurring Fee,¥190,000
a. Platform Support, Maintenance & Channels Operation
b. Onsite Support Shall be Chared Seperately
Content Fee Shall Apply Seperately, Fee varies based on Selected Channels in Lineup.
(Please Contact us for the details content pricing)
Items that Hotels to arrange:
a. Smart tv needs to be equipped in each Room with proper wired Internet Connected on it
b. Business IP Line (Giga Line) with Static IP for Edge Server to Connect
c. Storage Server if VOD Contents are Needed
d. Proper Colocation for All Required Hardware
e. Required Billing APIs for Integration with Hotel TV App
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